Guest Runner


Job Description

Areas of Responsibility

  • Deliver the company experience for guests.
  • Work with the hotel team to create the company experience for guests.
  • Create an environment for the guests designed to stimulate all senses through personal services, amenities and experiences.
  • Follow up with guests with additional services that enhance the guests’ experience.
  • Handle guest requests personally and/or refer as appropriate.
  • Demonstrate the hotel values when providing service and teamwork.
  • Create luxury for all the senses by serving guests at the restaurants in accordance with hotel standards.
  • Replenish water.
  • Make and pour coffee for the customers.
  • Clear tables throughout the dining experience using proper methods for removing dishes, glassware and silverware.
  • Clean tables, chairs and floor area.
  • Reset table quickly.
  • Polish silver and fold linens.
  • Assist service team as necessary to meet and exceed the guests’ expectations.
  • 6 months Contract
  • Should be on self sponsored visa or employment visa with NOC.
  • 0ne meal will be provided daily.


  • Industry

  • Offered Salary

    AED 2200-AED
  • Gender

    Male or Female
  • Experience

    Minimum 6 months previous experience in a similar profile
  • Qualification

    High school
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